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Some Tips for You

Your most valuable asset; your home.

Tips for when you are away

Following are just a few tips that can help you prevent issues from occurring when you are not home for an extended period.


Shut main water off, if possible.  This can reduce your chance of having a water leak.  

Our favorite plumber/owner, Bill, from the Plumbing Store, also warned that the older the home, it can also be risky to turn water on and off, due to age of the valves.  Consult with The Plumbing Store or your favorite plumber to minimize your risk of water leaks.  Also, there are systems that can detect water leaks throughout the home.  

We do recommend Bill, Kim and the team at The Plumbing Store based on the quality of their work and customer-focused attitude.  

THEPAHW does not receive any financial benefit from our endorsements and we are vendor independent. 

With that said, your irrigation system will need attention seasonally while away.  

Have someone regularly run taps, garbage disposal, flush toilets while you are away.  

Make sure you address your hot water heater and any water conditioning systems, as well.

How do I shut off water to my house?

Finding My Water Meter

Leak Detection Program 

Please visit The City of Prescott's website for answers to the above and other useful water tips:

Lighting, curtains & shades, oh my!

Rotate lighting on / off at dark, open and close curtains and shades regularly.  Potential thieves love routine and will watch for lack of change.  Help throw them off by alternating these things.


WiFi enabled, cloud based cameras are readily available, easy to install and relatively inexpensive.

This is an excellent way to check in on your home while away.

Take precautions to prevent others from hacking into your camera.

Social Media

This is a nice way to share your life with family and friends.  However, you may also be tipping off some bad dudes that you are not home.  Especially be careful using location services on social media that shows your last photo and location from a far away paradise.

Heating and AC

Set your temperature as low or high as practical, depending upon season, that minimizes risk of interior damage.