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Our Services - What We Provide homewatch


Depending on your specific needs, the following are just some of the services we provide:

We provide a regularly scheduled checkup when you are away from your home.  Our approach is customized and tailored just for you.  


  • Home Interior and Exterior Checkup
  • Inspect the Property
  • Check for Vandalism or Break-in
  • Check Gutters, Drainage, Erosion Issues
  • Check for Pests
  • Remove Debris, Newspapers, Mail
  • Water Plants, Light Weed Removal
  • Feed the Birds
  • Unusual Weather Emergency Inspections
  • Inspect Garage
  • Check Water Usage (including abnormal usage), HVAC Operations, Electrical, Irrigation and Landscape Operation
  • Minor Irrigation Leak Repairs (drip nozzles or 1/4" lines)
  • Thorough Inspection of Interior & Exterior Water Sources to Detect Leaks
  • Verify Operation of all Applicances
  • Adjust Lighting Sequence
  • Start and Move Vehicles, including Golf Cars
  • Provide Random Surveillance and Observation
  • Point of Contact for Alarm System Provider
  • Written Report of Our Activity
  • Photos for Every Home Visit (when appropriate) 
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Respond to unexpected occurrences at your home

We will respond to unexpected events that occur and, with your approval, reach out to your approved contractors or service providers to resolve as quickly as possible.

Prepare your home for your return

With your approval, we will prepare your home prior to your return.  This is tailored to your needs and may include: restocking your fridge and pantry, ensuring your home is cleaned and ready, landscaping is prepared,  to name a few.  This also can include reducing your ongoing cost for certain services (i.e., landscaper, house cleaner). 

Home Watch in Prescott